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From 23 to 29 of August

La Frayssinette - Tango Valley

lundi 24 août 2015, par Sigrid

I have never been to La Frayssinette yet. But I hear about the place so much when I was “baby tango”. It was the place to go to improve there own tango. So I am very happy to go together with Murat Erdemsel, who was there for several time already.

La Frayssinette is an intensive tango training holiday. Just have a look at the web site to be convinced.

From the pedagogical point of view, Murat will teach his speciality : the musicality for advance level. Except that anybody can say that I have nothing to say about this topic. So the addition of Murat’s speciality + my point of view as follower + our shared investigation = musicality classes like you never had before !

Voir en ligne :

One week under the topic of Musicality. 10 classes each of 1h30, to improve our ears and the dexterity of our body in relation to the music and the movement.