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Lausanne (Switzerland)

During the year

Weekly women’s technique classes

lundi 7 septembre 2015, par Sigrid

To have more fun dancing and spend less time in her chair !
 For this course, no need to partner or having a specific level.

Beginners : Master each of your movement regardless of the level of your partner and unleash your potential.
Intermediates : Master all the subtlety of the leading with finesse, elegance and insurance.
Advanced : Develop your creativity and musicality, playing with the nuances of the music, give more pleasure to the partner and the people watching you.

This class is to improve the dancing through the basic - posture, walking, dissociation, the pivot, but also adornments and styling.
We will also work on the partner connection and adaptation to change the distance in the embrace.

Although titled "women technique class", men are also welcome. Because the best way to learn how to guide a woman is to get into her skin.

It is better for the course to have at least 6 months of Argentine tango in the legs.

Address of the classes :
Tonus Studio
Rue Etraz 2, 1st Flor
1003 Lausanne

Two level of classes to improve the individual technique. No need of partner because most of the exercises are alone. Week after week, you will learn how to master your difficulties and you will become a better dancer.

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