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Lausanne (Switzerland)

Every Tuesday starting from the 5th of September

Women’s technique weekly classes

mardi 5 septembre 2017, par Sigrid

Master each of your movement regardless of the level of your partner,

unleash your potential with finesse, elegance and confidence

and develop your creativity and musicality.

  • These classes are for all levels, without need of a partner and also very useful for those leading.
  • It is made for improving your dancing through the basics - posture, walking, dissociation, the pivot, but also adornments and styling.
  • We will also work on the partner connection and adaptation to change the distance in the embrace.

It is better to have at least 6 months experience of Argentine tango.

Book your spot by registering by email at

This class will be every Tuesday up from the 5th of September from 20:30 to 22:00 at Maison de Quartier de Chailly.

Tuesdays : no classes :
the 10th of October 2017
the 17th of October 2017
the 26th of December 2017
the 2nd of January 2018
No class in February, March until middle of April (I’m touring in Australia and New Zealand)
the 1st of April 2018
the 26th of June 2018

Address for the classes :
Maison de Quartier de Chailly,
Avenue de la Vallonnette 12,
1er étage, salle 4
1012 Lausanne

Accessibility by bus :
Bus 6 : Vallonnette
Bus 7 : Pont de Chailly

Price list :
1 class  : 35 CHF

10 classes card valid over 13 weeks  :
300 CHF (280 CHF for students)

Year card : 27 sessions) :
650 CHF (620 CHF for students)
It is possible to pay the card over 2 times, valid from september 2017 to June 2018.

Those with full-year cards have priority in registration for available spots.

If for any physical injury you must interrupt the classes, you will be refunded for the remaining classes, with medical certification.

To be able to improve your follower technique every week a little bit more and better. This is a class made for followers, although leaders are also welcome. It is an individual technique class in order to master our own difficulties and then dance better with the partner in milonga.