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Lausanne (Switzerland)

Every Monday at 19:15 starting from the 5th of December

Special classes : Technique of leading

lundi 5 décembre 2016, par Sigrid

1h15 long, these classes propose 3 topics with 11 sessions each :

Deepening the follower technique

Technique for leading


From the 29.08.16 to the 28.11.16 Deepening the follower technique for advance level, partner not needed.

amplify your quality of movements,
to build confidence to be an active dancer,
and to reveal the dancer that you are.

From the 5.12.16 to the 6.03.17 Technique for leading (1 year dance min, partner not needed) :

Guys ! It is a "follower" that will make you discover all the subtleties of the leading to make it really adapted to the follower’s movements (and her pleasure 😊).

From the 13.03.17 to the 19.06.17 Musicality (classes for couple) :

Guys ! Learn to listen and dance to music as it is and not just as a combination of learned steps.
Girls ! learn how to take responsibility regarding musicality in order to contribute to the magic moment of the dance.

Book your spot by registering by email :

Mondays, no classes :
the 19th of September 2016
the 10th of October 2016
the 17th of October 2016
the 26th of December 2016
the 2nd of January 2017
the 20th of February 2017
the 10th of April 2017
the 17th of April 2017
the 5th of June 2017
+ 1 more Monday which the date will be specify later.

Address for the classes :
Tonus Studio
Rue Etraz 2, 1st floor
1003 Lausanne

5 mins from saint-François

Price list :
1 class  : 30 CHF

11 classes limited to the same thematic  :
280 CHF (260 CHF for students)

Year card : the 3 thematics over 33 sessions) :
740 CHF (700 CHF for students)
It is possible to pay the card over 2 or 3 times, valid from september 2016 to June 2017.

Those with full-year cards have priority in registration for available spots.

Discount for people who want to attend the follower’s technique classes at 19:30 and the special classes at 21:00 during the entire year :
1400 CHF
instead of 1590 CHF.

If for any physical injury you must interrupt the classes, you will be refunded for the remaining classes, with medical certification.

Deepening the follower technique,
Technique for leading,
11 sessions will be dedicated to each of the topics in order to take time to understand, absorb and master the immense number of information and subtle details that make all the difference in our dance.

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