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Heidelberg (Germany)

The 11 and 12 of June

Followers technique seminar

samedi 11 juin 2016, par Sigrid

This is a 6 hours seminar about followers technique (3 hours on Saturday and 3 hours on Sunday with 15 min break every hour).

It is also very useful for leaders, as I do a lot of parallelism between the leader technique and the follower technique.

The first day will be dedicate to do a review of the first seminar that happen in January. Because nothing is better than the basics especially through the light of new exercise which will make the dance more sensitive to the music. In the way, the participants who couldn’t come in January will have the opportunity to cash the train.
The second day will be dedicate to more complex elements such as turns and boleos.

On Saturday night, I will DJ for you.

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The second edition of this followers technique seminar after the success of the first one in January.

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