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Her pedagogical approach

mardi 28 juillet 2015, par Sigrid

Dancing tango should be like living an instant of grace. Therefore, Sigrid bases the learning of tango on the development of each individual’s consciousness - for their own bodies, for the one of their partner, and for the space around them.

To get there, she analyses and dissects each movement with the trained eye of a ballet and contemporary dancer in order to understand all of its subtleties. Because it is the acquisition of better body control that facilitates detachment from the technique and enables to purely enjoy the dance. However, as dance is never only a technical performance, Sigrid searches above all to orient her teaching around training the dancers to develop an ear for the music and find their own way of musical interpretation.

In this way she transmits the indispensable elements necessary to make this dance a unique moment, a moment of grace born in the encounter of two people to music.

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