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Women’s technique workshop

mardi 28 juillet 2015, par Sigrid

In her women’s technique workshops, Sigrid wants her students to acquire a better conscience of the body’s movements and to develop musicality in the dance. Thus, basic elements and ornaments are broken down and investigated. This kind of workshops has become her principle speciality of her teaching.

The classes are composed of exercises done individually as well as in couples. They are generally preceded by some warming-up. A specific way of working and searching is proposed not only in order to get better in the technique of tango, but also to give the possibility to women to be more active and responsible in the dance. The work is dedicated to the movements of our own body revising basic elements, such as posture, walking, dissociation, and the pivot.

But it also has a look at technically more advanced elements, such as turns, boléos, as well as out-of-axis positions and movements. In particular, time will be spends on learning some of the vast variety of embellishments possible for women in a rhythmic way and, by that, developing the speed of the feet.

These workshops are meant be understood as addressed to women as well as to men. This is because the technique to move in tango is basically the same, whether you lead or follow. The reason why the workshop is, however, called “women’s technique” is because the exercises are mostly composed of movements more specific to the follower’s part.

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